JustProto: Prototype Anything!

Gooooo team! Online communication and Web-based collaboration tools have truly changed the way we all work. With the Web offering a central location to store information and share concepts, staff members, regardless of physical location, can share input on just about anything.

JustProto is a newish Web tool that allows you to create prototypes of network and desktop applications.

If you’re looking to increase communications and encourage input from varying levels of staff, the tool can help reduce errors, shorten implementation time and increase customer satisfaction.

Designed with project managers, art directors, customers, Web developers, and marketing professionals in mind,

Assembling prototype elements is a breeze, and all displayed information is transparent. For example, image sizes and file names are described. The best part is, your prototype will include as mush working functionality as you would like.

There are three packages, each of which is available for a 30-day, no-risk trial. The Standard package runs $19US a month (2 collaborators, 7 projects, 1GB of storage), the Plus is $59US a month (7 collaborators, 15 projects, 5GB of storage), and the Unlimited is $99US a month (15 collaborators, 10GB storage). A free version gives you access to a single project – up to 10 pages in size.

A new upgraded JustProto version (1.5) with several upgrades was just launched.

Watch a video on how easy it is to create a prototype below.