Justin Bieber Vs. Lady Gaga Vs. Katy Perry: Who’s Most Influential On Twitter? [STATS]

They’re the Twitter heavyweights, the tweet elite, the upper echelon of tweeps society. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are the three most-followed Twitter users of all time, and now they’re about to face off to see who is most influential among their tens of millions of followers.

Regardless of whose music you prefer, only one of these Twitter superstars is the best when it comes to influencing their followers. So who is it?

To find out, we’ve taken a look at the top 10 retweeted tweets from each account, and the 10 most recent tweets, to see who is getting the most retweets on average. There are other measures of influence, but retweets are clear, easy to measure, and will show who get the most engagement out of their followers.

Our numbers come to us from the kind folks at TwitSprout, who have access to raw retweet numbers. You’ll notice if you check out any of the below tweets on Twitter.com that they all show “50+ retweets” – but TwitSprout has been able to dig into the data of the total, uncapped retweet numbers.

Let’s take a look at each of the three superstars’ top tweet in terms of retweets first. We’re going to calculate the retweet ratio of each, or the percentage of their total followers who retweeted their top tweet.

Lady Gaga (@LadyGaga) is the most-followed Twitter user, with over 18,700,000 followers. And here is her most popular tweet, having been retweeted a massive 32,466 times:

That five word tweet saw a retweet ratio of 0.0017 of Lady Gaga’s followers. Hot on Lady Gaga’s heels is Justin Bieber, with 17,000,000 followers. And here is his most retweeted tweet ever:

A whopping 87,882 people retweeted this caps lock homage to LMFAO, which gives the Biebs a retweet ratio of 0.0051.

And lastly, Katy Perry tweeted the following to her 14,500,000 followers:

This tweet got Katy 25,597 retweets, and a retweet ratio of 0.0017.

Judging by their top tweets, Justin Bieber is the most influential of the three, as a larger percentage of his followers retweeted his top tweet than the other two.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the retweets, though, to find out who is truly the master tweeter.

Here are the retweet ratios for Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry’s top 10 tweets, as well as their 10 most recent tweets:

Lady Gaga:
Top 10 – 0.0013 (0.13%)
Most recent 10 – 0.00032 (0.032%)

Justin Bieber:
Top 10 – 0.0036 (0.36%)
Most recent 10 – 0.001 (0.1%)

Katy Perry:
Top 10 – 0.0011 (0.11%)
Most recent 10 – 0.000076 (0.0076%)

Bieber fever may very well be a real condition. If you compare the above numbers to see who’s getting the most followers to retweet their 140-character soundbites, it’s Justin Bieber by a landslide.

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry see similar engagement when it comes to their top tweets, at 0.13% and 0.11 percent of their followers respectively. But Bieber? He gets more than double their engagement with 0.36%.

And the most recent tweets paint an even clearer picture. The Biebs gets an average of 0.1% engagement on his tweets – the same percentage that the two ladies received on their top tweets.

So there you have it. Justin Bieber, the boy with 17,500,000 Twitter followers, is the king of the retweet. His screaming fans transfer all that pent up energy to the Twittersphere, showing that they are true Beliebers by retweeting him like crazy.

(Top image: GekaSkr via Shutterstock)