JuiceCaster Lets You Share Mobile Phone Videos and Photos and More

juicecaster_logo.jpgJuiceCaster is not just your ordinary mobile social networking site which integrates social networking activities into your mobile phone. It gives you more fun things to do that you won’t get from any other social networking sites.juicecaster_player.jpgFor one, JuiceCaster lets you share mobile phone pictures and videos from your mobile phone to your social networking profiles instantly. Instantly, you read it right. The moment you’ve captured a momentous event, you can instantly post it into JuiceCaster network. You don’t have to wait till you get hold of a PC and synchronize your phone to download those pictures or videos.

Ok, right. That may not be something new to you at all, but wait this one might be. Any video or photos that you’ve “JuiceCast-ed”, can also be instantly shared in your social networking profiles (yes, the likes of Facebook, MySpace, etc.)

All you have to do to make this possible is to install the into those social networking profiles as an application.

How about the social networking part of JuiceCaster? Well, it lets you watch, comment and rate pictures and videos of other JuiceCaster members within your contact list. And you can even show their JuiceCast into your own JuiceCast player by making them as one of your channels. Nothing can be cooler than that I think, eh?

And yes, if you prefer to send photos and videos through email, you can do that as well.

Now is the time to point your web browser to JuiceCaster to register an account.