Judy Smith Talks About ‘Scandal’

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Judy Smith, the inspiration for the new Kerry Washington program Scandal about a D.C. crisis expert, gave an interview this morning with Good Morning America.

Among the long list of scandal-plagued clients she’s worked with was Monica Lewinsky. When asked if she was the one who turned over that infamous blue dress, Smith refused comment. However, she did say that she was squarely focused on whether Lewinsky would go to prison “and making sure that never happens.”

Smith was also asked why smart people get caught up in scandals in the first place.

“Smart people are no different than anyone else,” said Smith. “Sometimes they exercise bad judgment, like we all do.”

The Hollywood Reporter says Scandal debuted to “sturdy” ratings with adults ages 18 to 49, even as other shows slipped last Thursday. However, the magazine notes that another ABC program, Missing, starring Ashley Judd as a mother searching for her son, premiered with the same 2.1 rating and has seen its numbers fall in the past month.

We have to say though, this show has a little more zing than Missing seems to (we’ve never watched Missing). We’ll be tuning in to Scandal again this week. Will you?