Judge Orders Facebook To Turn Over Source Code in Patent Case

A Delaware District Court Magistrate Judge has ordered Facebook to grant access to its entire source code to Leader Technologies as part of an ongoing suit brought  by Leader last November. The suit alleges Facebook infringed on a patent concerning “electronic information storage and management,” and is seeking damages and and an injunction against Facebook.

Facebook has already made its intentions to fight the decision clear, saying in a statement to TechCrunch: “While we respect the magistrate judge’s opinion, we disagree with it on this point and plan to appeal. Generally, this suit is without merit and we will continue to fight it aggressively.” Facebook will appeal the judge’s order to turn over its entire source code by Aug. 21.

The legal battle with Leader Technologies is not the only one Facebook is fighting — last month Power.com countersued Facebook last month citing “anticompetitive practices” concerning user information. Facebook is expected to win the suit against Power.com, and we would expect the same in this case – but both are still in the course of playing out in the courts.

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