JoyBits Launches Doodle Tanks on iOS, Windows Phone

The latest game in the popular franchise commemorates the 70th anniversary of World War II.

Doodle Tanks

JoyBits, the publisher and developer behind the popular Doodle series of mobile games, has announced the release of Doodle Tanks on iOS and Windows Phone devices. Created in collaboration with Bytex Games, Doodle Tanks commemorates the 70th anniversary of World War II, and sees players combining elements to create tanks, artillery parts, famous designers and more, with a heavy focus on historical accuracy.

In Doodle Tanks, players begin with four elements, and as they combine these in the right pairings, they’ll receive additional elements for experimentation. There are over 80 reactions to perform in all, with over 150 elements to collect at launch. Players can create new elements using either educated assumptions for matching pairs, or simple trial and error.

Three premium boosts help players when they’re stuck, and are given away in limited quantities upon downloading. One shows the resulting element that can be created from an eligible pairing, while another opens two groups which contain combinable elements. Finally, the third is an instant reaction, automatically unlocking a new element for play.

Doodle Tanks

The game goes one step further to help players out, marking elements with colored borders to indicate their eligibility for new combinations (or lack thereof), and to flag when players are about to make a duplicate combination.

As players create new elements, they can learn more about them in the glossary, which offers a description of each individual item. A separate history section contains the recipes players have previously completed.

Games in the Doodle franchise, from Doodle God to Doodle Creatures (and more), have been downloaded over 173 million times in over 150 countries.

In a statement, JoyBits CEO, Paul Baldwin, commented on Doodle Tanks:

We are celebrating over 170 million downloads for the Doodle series with our latest Doodle game, Doodle Tanks. If you love Doodle God, it’s time to go to war. With Doodle Tanks, you don’t have to be a skilled engineer to create the powerful beasts that changed the course of military history.

Doodle Tanks is available to download for $1.99 and $2.99 on the iTunes App Store for phone and tablet, respectively. The game is also available on the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store.