JoyBits announces company milestone, new ‘Doodle’ series details

Mobile game developer JoyBits has reached a company milestone, as its line of ‘Doodle’ mobile games has been downloaded over 100 million times since the first game launched in July 2010. The franchise includes Doodle God, Doodle Devil and Doodle Farm, a series of mobile games that ask players to combine elements to form new and increasingly complex items.

The Doodle games have been released across more than ten platforms, including iOS, Android, Nook, Windows 8, PS Vita, online flash site Kongregate and more. To celebrate this achievement, JoyBits has released new info for the company’s future games and expected revenue.

Four new titles are in the works, including a new Doodle Farm and Doodle Kingdom. Doodle God 2 will also be released, taking the developer in a direction many others are taking: free-to-play. JoyBits’ upcoming hidden object game will also be free-to-play from the start, instead of focusing on a one-time-download revenue system.

Via these new titles, and upgrades to existing games, JoyBits expects revenue to grow 3x to 5x in 2014. The company’s projected 2013 revenue is $2 million.

“As a result of the excellent quality of game play, the Doodle series of apps is experiencing a period of hyper growth,” stated Paul Baldwin, CEO of JoyBits, via a company release. “We anticipate tremendous revenue growth and profit growth over the next 18th months capped by the launch of highly anticipated and completely re-imagined Doodle God 2 in 2014.”

While details around Doodle God 2 are still slim, we do know that the developer’s Doodle Kingdom will contain elements like knights, warlocks and dragons, in addition to the ability to choose a character class and complete quests (a first for the series).

Doodle God, Doodle Devil and Doodle Farm are now available to download on 10+ platforms, including Android and iOS, for $0.99 and up. You can track the progress of these mobile versions on AppData, our tracking tool for social and mobile games and developers.