Joost Integrates with Facebook

Joost-FacebookAre you an avid user of Joost, the new web based t.v. on demand service? If so, there is a great new plugin for Joost that enables you to view all of your recently played shows. The application also displays your entire show history. While this application provides little to no interactivity within the application aside from displaying what applications you have seen. While this application has launched it appears that it still has some bugs as I was receiving time out errors while testing out the application.

Aside from that, the application is a great idea. What would be even better is the ability to view Joost directly in Facebook. While I’m not quite sure what added benefit this would provide, it would definitely be slick. If you haven’t downloaded Joost yet I highly recommend that you go try it out. Joost has created partnerships with MTV, Comedy Central, CNN, CBS, Paramount Pictures and a number of other large media companies.

As Erick Schonfeld highlighted a few weeks ago, Joost will have some heavy competition in the near future. In the meantime, you might as well enjoy the free on-demand television and let all your Facebook friends know what you are watching. If you want to share your viewed shows with your friends go download the Joost plugin and install the JoostBook application.