Follow The AllFacebook Public Profile

Yes, I called it a “Public Profile” because Facebook is changing the name of branded profiles from “Pages” to “Public Profiles”. I just put a small amount of content via the AllFacebook public profile and will begin posting information much more regularly. The new Public Profiles present brands with a massive opportunity and I’d like to take advantage of that with this blog.

So what will we be posting on the new page? I’ll be posting status updates with quick tips, links to our blog posts, video tutorials, links to events, and many other things. Join our public profile and stay up to date about everything that’s taking place in Facebook land. If you are on Twitter, you may want to check out Facebook’s public profiles because you now have the opportunity to reach many more people through this new channel.

Rather than sending the “updates” that I previously discussed, it now makes a lot of sense to just send out status updates. Theoretically you could also follow all of your Twitter users via their “public profiles” and receive the same content you would have received via Twitter. So what’s the primary benefit of using Twitter? Well there’s still the tools that are built on top of Facebook’s API but within a short amount of time, Facebook’s API will be just as open.

There’s one other feature which Facebook doesn’t have built in and that’s the highly used “@” symbol used to target messages at individuals. If Facebook generated a news feed story every time we commented on another person’s status, this would be one theoretical substitute for Twitter’s “@” symbol. At this point it appears that there is no reason to use FriendFeed though.

Anyways, come join the AllFacebook public profile and join the conversation!