Joe the Plumber’s Publicist: “Today Was One of the Busiest Days I’ve Had”

As you may have heard, Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher now has a publicist, and a reputable one at that. At least according to CMT, who should know a thing or two about Nashville music publicists. When we heard of this news today, naturally one idea came to mind: we have to talk to this guy.

So, we called Jim Della Croce, Owner of PR agency The Press Office. Croce spoke with PRNewser from a bus on his way back from a McCain rally and gave us the lowdown on his work with Joe. Believe it or not, despite quite a tongue lashing from Keith Olbermann tonight, Joe will be on MSNBC this weekend. However, as some in the media have alleged, is a record deal in the works?

Asked about the deal he had with Joe, Della Croce said, “It’s a hybrid management deal with country star Aaron Tippin, Bobby Roberts, who owns the booking agency Bobby Roberts Company, (they handle artists like Aaron and Merle Haggard) and The Press Office, which is owned by me. This hybrid allows to us have Aaron’s artistic wisdom to be imparted on Joe, Bobby will handle bookings for personal appearances, public appearances, and I will represent him for PR and we’ll jointly work together to further Joe’s interests and generate opportunities in publishing, artistic endeavors and wherever Joe wants to take it.”

Della Croce said this all came about “when Aaron initially spoke to Joe on the Fox show, Huckabee. We’re actually on Aaron Tippin’s bus now, coming back from a McCain rally.”

When asked about specific initiatives he is working on, Della Croce said, “Today was one of the busiest days I’ve had, and it was specifically related to Joe’s notoriety. We’re going to be doing a lot of TV in New York in the next five days.”

However, with anyone who is thrown into the national spotlight after relative obscurity, we had to ask, has he been media trained? “I did a little bit of media training with Joe today,” said Della Croce. “He has a lot of innate skills that he has had no chance to sharpen. He’s been thrown out in the deep water, and the media sharks can eat him alive, but he’s been holding his own.”

Speaking of media sharks, would you try to book him MSNBC, who lambasted him tonight, we asked, to which Della Croce quickly replied, “He’s doing MSNBC on Saturday. MSNBC’s Dayside with Alex Witt.” Ok, so it’s not prime-time, but still.

Della Croce said some of the biggest challenges of working with Joe are that “he is akin to any new young artist. The positives are they have a naivete that is honest and pure. They are not tainted by 20 years of grilling in the media. One of the challenges is keeping him focused, keeping his talking points defined and not being sidetracked.”

Asked if Joe had plans to go into the recording studio anytime soon, Della Croce said, “Nothing right now, that would be Aaron Tippin’s decision. There is interest, but Joe hasn’t finished the business he has set out to do.”