Jobvite’s New Facebook Recruiting App Suggests Friends to Refer

Jobvite today launches a new Facebook application that notifies users of suggestions of friends to refer to job openings. Users can view friends the app has determined are a good fit based on their profile information, then send them a personalized invite to submit their resume.

Companies that license the Jobvite app and get their employees to install and use it may be able to reduce recruitment costs and find top talent by making it easier for employees to recommend openings to friends. This can increase the volume of employee-referred applicants, which recruiters generally find to be the applicants with the highest potential.

Job seekers can also apply for jobs through the Jobvite app and check back to see if a potential employer has reviewed them. This can improve the experience for applicants, encouraging them to tell more friends about openings at a given company.

Facebook has become a powerful tool for recruiters over the last few years. 53.3% of recruiters use it partly because its an effective method of soliciting employee referrals. These types of applicants are ten times more likely to be hired than an average applicants, according to a Jobvite study released in July.

When we looked at Jobvite’s Facebook integration a few months ago, it already had several powerful components. Recruiters can compose messages announcing new job openings that can be left pending for their fellow employees to send out, or those employees can configure the Jobvite system to automatically publish the messages to their friends. Employers can also install a tab app on their Page to solicit job applicants.

Previously, employees could visit the Jobvite website to see recommendations of friends to refer to job openings. Now, that process is much better integrated into their daily lives. Once installed, employees see a notification jewel next to the bookmark for the Jobvite app on their Facebook home page if they have friends with work and education histories that fit new job openings.

Employees can then enter the app, select from matched friends, and send them Jobvites which are delivered as Facebook notifications. When a friend clicks through a Jobvite notification, they can see the full job description and apply all from within the app. They can then check back to see the status of their request for a job.

Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan tells me that “up until now when companies wanted to increase the number of employee referrals, they sent emails to employees asking them to send on opening to friends, but it’s a pain [to think of who would be a good match]”. By automating the matching process and reminding employees through Facebook — which they frequently visit — to send on openings, the referral process is more efficient.

Finnigan says the automated matching has been made possible because Facebook’s profile redesign last year got users to share more education, employment, and location information. He believes the new profile Timeline will draw more data from users that will fuel referral matching because “professional history is made up of big milestones that people are clearly going to put on their profile.”

Jobvite is also excited to make use of the new home page Ticker of real-time app and social activity. It will display when a user suggests a job to a friend. To protect privacy, though, Finnigan says “Nothing would go in the Ticker about anything people wouldn’t want revealed” — such as applying for jobs.

By taking the work out employees recommending jobs to friends, Jobvite can help companies turn recruitment into a seamless part of their employees days. While other companies such as Work For Us provide referral suggestions, Jobvite pushes these recommendations to employees rather than making them go find them.

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