Jesus Daily Seems Unstoppable As Most Engaging Page

While Justin Bieber makes moves forward once more, he is ultimately left in the dust yet again by two religious pages that have spent all of June in the top two spots.

While Justin Bieber makes moves forward once more, he is ultimately left in the dust yet again by two religious pages that have spent all of June in the top two spots. Many new options do appear on this week’s top 20 engaging pages, though.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 5,948,071 1,645,286
2. The Bible 7,609,076 1,071,096
3. Justin Bieber 29,756,538 933,719
4. Mario Teguh 4,221,188 838,761
5. Lady Gaga 38,213,784 739,791
6. MTV Roadies 1,894,988 610,958
7. Necip Fazil Kisakurek 1,148,756 587,352
8. Harry Potter 26,383,379 480,198
9. NBA 9,574,351 461,634
10. Manchester United 15,795,684 414,723
11. Selena Gomez 21,440,506 394,291
12. Rihanna 37,737,473 379,898
13. Jesus Christ 2,702,963 378,104
14. Dios Es Bueno! 3,811,345 357,566
15. Lil Wayne 27,037,429 352,408
16. Dallas Mavericks 1,035,193 348,623
17. Britney Spears 11,787,301 345,108
18. We are Khaled Said 1,420,830 339,001
19. Pretty Little Liars 4,870,539 338,351
20. Mehmetcik 2,221,627 336,388


While the page has seen a steady, but slightly slow, fan increase throughout May and June, contributors have helped Jesus Daily own the title of most engaging page for over a month now. This week is no exception as it tallies an additional 1,645,286 interactions. Once again, The Bible is close behind with a 1,071,096 post total.

The main social networking hub that celebrates Jesus Christ takes three steps in the right direction to the 13th position; the page saw its success with the help of 378,104 comments. God Is Good, Dios Es Bueno, has a comeback that lands it close by; 357,566 posters place the page in 14th.


Justin Bieber‘s fans push the page forward, but 933,719 interactions could only land it on the outskirts of the seemingly unstoppable top two duo. Lady Gaga sits two places behind with the help of 739,791 chatty likers.

Actress and pop singer Selena Gomez had many commenting on her recent music-related happenings; the newcomer kicks off the second half of our countdown as she totals 394,291 comments. The voices of 379,898 social networkers help Rihanna stick around for another week as the singer places in the 12th position.

A new record and a recent MTV special help Lil Wayne land in the 15th spot with a thank-you owed to 352,408 talkative fans. Britney Spears‘ new video is premiering this week, and her social networking team’s promotions seem to be paying off; 345,108 interactions makes for a 17th place finish.


Mario Teguh slips a spot this week, but finishes with a noteworthy 838,761 Facebook users partaking in the discussion.

Over in Turkey, Necip Fazil Kisakurek leads the pack this week coming in seventh, with a interaction tally of 587,352. Mehmetcik returns this week to round out our list with 336,388 commenters.

We are Khaled Said continues to be a very vocal page in Egypt, and this week is no exception with 339,001 people contributing to its 18th place finish.


Viewers in India seem glued to the social networking home of reality television series “MTV Roadies,” and this time around the conversation’s 610,958 contributors aid in the show making its strongest appearance as an engaging page. ABC Family’s new summer program “Pretty Little Liars” seems to be picking up hype on Facebook; the show comes in 19th, welcoming 338,351 posters to the conversation.


As we near the release date of the upcoming Harry Potter movie, it is expected the franchise will only continue to push forward as an engaging page. This week the page sees 480,198 interactions, reappearing on our list in eighth place.


As predicted, the NBA championship has the masses on the social networking celebrating and talking trash; the league scores the ninth position this week and points are owed to 461,634 posters. Trailing a little behind, Dallas Mavericks have a noteworthy 348,623 people conversing, shooting the page to the 16th.

We close this week with the return of Manchester United; 414,723 diehard football lovers get the assist as the team ends in tenth.

Readers, did you partake in any of the rousing conversations found on this week’s engaging pages?

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