Jesus Daily Holds Steady As Most Engaging Page

Religious pages continue to get the most engagement on Facebook -- especially Jesus Daily. Read on to learn more about what's got fans participating with brands and content on the social network.

Religious pages continue to get the most engagement on Facebook — especially Jesus Daily. Read on to learn more about what’s got fans participating with brands and content on the social network.

Most Engaging Pages On Facebook

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 5,190,378 2,306,342
2. The Bible 7,041,782 1,082,569
3. Lady Gaga 34,039,464 942,587
4. Justin Bieber 27,093,417 935,183
5. Mario Teguh 4,005,426 761,915
6. Manchester United 13,661,225 749,655
7. Necip Fazil Kisakurek 968,816 608,856
8. Real Madrid C.F. 13,445,909 591,785
9. WEREVERTUMORRO 1,811,263 490,787
10. Jesus Christ 2,466,929 414,910
11. Educate Yourself 1,150,385 367,279
12. Dios Es Bueno! 3,480,032 353,712
13. Müzik Keyfi 1,387,295 343,765
14. MTV Roadies 1,358,795 340,741
15. We are Khaled Said 1,261,857 322,895
16. 5,511,766 302,804
17. Avril Lavigne 19,039,349 296,163
18. NBA 8,619,140 287,176
19. CamorraAndLove 1,181,916 276,338
20. Cristiano Ronaldo 25,806,489 257,495


Jesus Daily‘s fan total continues to average somewhere around five million, but they sure are a talkative bunch. For another week in a row the page successfully tops our list with 2,306,342 interactions. The Bible is not far behind; the page set up for the text had 1,082,569 people leaving a comment. The social networking presence for Jesus Christ moves forward as it cuts our list in half; 414,910 likers joined in the conversation.

On the second half of our list, Dios Es Bueno falls to the 12th with 353,712 interactions tallied. returns to the countdown landing in the 16th position with the help of 302,804 talkative fans.

Pop Stars

Lady Gaga‘s new album, television appearances, and even an amusing FarmVille promotion helps the superstar progress three steps forward; the popular artist nabs the third spot with 942,587 new interactions added since last Monday. Billboard Music Awards chatter had Justin Bieber‘s official social networking home buzzing; 935,183 voices participated in the conversation.

Avril Lavigne‘s new video, and behind the scenes clips, helps the Canadian musician make her return to our countdown. Lavigne claims the 17th spot as 296,163 social networkers added a post on the page.

A Look Around The World

Mario Teguh once again finds himself resting comfortably in the top ten, thanks to 761,915 contributions added to the on-going discussions. Werevertumorro falls a couple spots to ninth, as 490,787 fans posts were added to the wall.

Educate Yourself also takes a step back as the Arabic page kicks off the second half of our countdown with 367,279 total interactions. We are Khaled Said engaged 322,895 to join the conversation as the page finishes in the 15th position. For a second week in a row CamorraAndLove makes an appearance coming in 19th; this time around 276,338 fan posts were tallied.

Turkish writer Necip Fazil Kisakurek moves to seventh place this week as 608,856 thoughts were posted on the page. Müzik Keyfi climbs into the 13th position; the page sparked 343,765 comments.


Manchester United is still leading the Premier League, and our trend of sports pages on this countdown as well. Though the page slipped to sixth this week, 749,655 diehard fans continued to route on their favorite team.

As predicted last week, Real Madrid C.F. takes a notable leap forward coming in 8th with 591,785 fans buzzing in excitement. Star winger Cristiano Ronaldo is setting records on the field, and he rounds out our list this week with 257,495 football enthusiasts celebrating on the social network.

The playoff talk heats up as we come closer to the finals; NBA‘s social networking hub lands in the 18th spot with 287,176 people making predictions on who will take the championship this year.


We close this list with “MTV Roadies” once again. The reality show makes the cut for another week in the row with the help of 340,741 chattering viewers.

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