Jessica Bennett Talks Managing Tumblr’s Storyboard

In the latest installment of Mediabistro’s “So What Do You Do?”, we talk to Jessica Bennett, executive editor of Tumblr’s Storyboard. At the forefront of the new media revolution, Bennett is basically an editor of the Tumblr community.

“I think there was so much interesting stuff happening within Tumblr and almost a culture rising out of it that they wanted to somehow capture that in a journalistic sense,” Bennett explained. “So, my job is essentially being a correspondent and editor for the Tumblr community. It’s hard to explain, and it sounds very journalism-from-the-future, but it’s finding ways to pull out the really fascinating narratives and trends and issues that are coming out of Tumblr.”

And she says that the platform’s recent embrace of advertising is actually pretty “creative and interesting,” as far as business models go. ” It’s the one place where you’re not being bombarded by teeth-whitening ads,” Bennett said.

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