Twitter Comedienne Jenny Johnson On Chris Brown, Tweeting About Her Husband And Her TV Pilot

The name “Jenny Johnson” reached near-household status last year thanks to the comedienne’s very public Twitter spat with Chris Brown.

Glamour magazine spoke to Johnson and got some intriguing insights about what went down with Brown, and more.

First off, for a little background, check out the (NSFW) infamous Twitter exchange between Johnson and Brown right here.

And the Glamour article highlight reel:

• Summing up her reaction to Chris Brown’s rant against her: “Any type of abuse should never be tolerated. As a comedy writer, all I have are my words. Some people get me; some people don’t.”

• Johnson is bold, audacious – and not afraid to push buttons with her tweets. We like that in a modern lady. A few recent examples:

• What her husband, a conservative Texas oil exec, said to her when she was thinking of starting to write jokes on Twitter: “You are the grossest person I know. Go for it.”

• When Johnson tweets about her husband, she doesn’t use his name. But he’s still privy to her Twitter account – like when his boss reads a raunchy joke and it turns out its from one of her tweets.

• Want more Johnson? She’s working on a TV pilot based on her life with her husband and teen stepkids. Stay tuned.

As evidenced by the launch of our new Twitticisms series, we’re all about humor on Twitter – at least in good taste. And, at least when unprovoked by hot-tempered R&B singers, it seems that’s Johnson’s M.O. So we dig it.

Read the full interview here.

(Image from @JennyJohnsonHi5)