Jennifer Aniston and SmartWater Score Big with ‘Leaked’ Video

This week a crass, demeaning and shockingly amateur video ignited violent Anti-American uprisings throughout the Muslim world. Another amateur video sent Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s struggling campaign into an absolute tailspin. But now, finally, a “subversive” video to laugh about.

The PR gurus over at SmartWater posted a video on YouTube that directly targets America’s greatest weakness: celebrities. Celebrities in America are the opiate of the masses that Karl Marx warned us about, so when Jennifer Aniston shows up in leaked home security footage, our culture pays attention.

Who can resist the gravitational pull of an unfettered glimpse into Jennifer Aniston’s home life? This isn’t some boring paleontologist or Supreme Court justice; this is a beautiful actress whose love life is of greater concern to many Americans than their own spouses.

And it’s all fake, of course.

With cameos from Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Kimmel, an alien and a baby bump of triplets, Aniston scores big with the American public for having a sense of humor about our own creepy ridiculousness—which has been both a blessing and a curse to Ms. Aniston’s career.

By capitalizing on Ms. Aniston’s uneasy relationship with an America dependent on its daily tabloid fix, SmartWater demonstrates a sort of intelligent self-awareness. The video positions the SmartWater brand within the context of brand “Jennifer Aniston” while simultaneously feeding and mocking the public’s insatiable appetite for celebrity voyeurism.

A big PR round of applause for SmartWater and Jennifer Aniston. The American public is glad it could play a role in your clever video—even if being in on the joke means being part of it. As long as Jennifer Aniston can make fun of herself, we can look in the mirror and laugh along.

“Goodnight Rachel.”