Jeep Breaks Facebook Photos, Sends Fans To Flickr

Administrators of the official Jeep Facebook page posted a status update yesterday instructing fans to submit their personal Jeep photos to Flickr instead of Facebook. While this move by Jeep seems counterintuitive, the American manufacturer apparently had so many photos being uploaded by fans they exceeded Facebook’s photo album size for Photos by Others with 20,000 total photos. Instead of asking fans to stop submitting photos, they are sending fans to Flickr for photo uploads while Facebook “fixes the glitch”.


Jeep has “only” 528,000 fans and trails (pun intended) BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Porsche in the Automotive category for total fans. Despite this disparity in fans, Jeep has substantially more Photos by Others with the nearest being BMW with 15,560 photos. A deeper dive reveals that Jeep fans outpace the leading pages on Facebook and may be the first (or one of the first) pages to reach this limit. Here are the stats for some other pages.

  • Michael Jackson: 17.2 Million Fans – 17,000 Photos
  • Lady Gaga: 14.0 Million Fans – 4,000 Photos
  • Starbucks: 11.2 Million Fans – 4,700 Photos
  • Megan Fox: 10.5 Million Fans – 1,000 Photos

The Twilight Saga would likely be near the top in terms of photos, but the page administrators have disabled this functionality on the Twilight page. So for now, the Jeep page appears to reign supreme in the Photos by Others race for both its own category and possibly Facebook pages overall. For those who are curious about why Jeep has attracted so many fan photos, here are some examples of what their fans are submitting to Facebook.
James Nichols is a Managing Partner at Ambition Capital, a think tank focused on the social web.