Jeb Bush May Have Lied About Not Reading The New York Times

Maybe he just plays the crossword puzzles?

PHOTO: Rebecca Cook/Reuters

In an atmosphere dominated by national networks filled with blowhards opining on the news, notables in the political field don’t like admitting that they sometimes cross over to…the other side.

Take former Florida Governor/current 2016 GOP candidate hopeful Jeb Bush.

As a darling of the Republican Party, it’s easy to assume that he’s not the biggest contributor to a NPR pledge drive, much less someone who enjoys a nightly dose of Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. But that’s the thing about reporters: they have been known to hoard emails to better satiate their own OCD.

A host of FOX News Radio’s Kilmeade and Friends asked Bush over the weekend whether he’d read an article in The New York Times which reported that leaders from America’s Christian right were looking for an alternative. He responded:

“I don’t read The New York Times to be honest with you, so I guess you’re going to force me to do so.”

It’s that whole “to be honest with you” that reporters take as a challenge. So, they took to Twitter, specifically political reporter for the Times Michael Barbaro and Derek Willis.

Maybe he reads Twitter more than the Times? This should jar his memory.

We get why Bush feels like he has to do this…but his answer was about as accurate as Sarah Palin’s claim that she reads everything, gosh darnit!

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