Japanese apparel store, Uniqlo, brings personalized tees to new mobile app


Clothing manufacturer Uniqlo is targeting mobile users with a new campaign UTme!, a mobile app that lets anyone design and then buy a personalized graphic tee for $20.

STEP1. Create Graphic Image
Choose from PAINT/TYPOGRAPHY/PHOTO to design your own graphic image.

STEP2. Shake and Remix!
Once you design your image, choose an effect and shake your smartphone.
The image will continue to change as you shake.

STEP3. Share/Order Your T-shirt
When you’re done, you can order the T-shirt you designed. You can also share your design with your friends on SNS.


UTme! is not just an app, it’s Uniqlo’s social campaign as well. If you go to the app or website for UTme!, you can see everyone’s designs along with their username and number of “likes.” Designing on the app is a cinch. Just upload an image and select an effect from one of the app’s random filters. If that’s too much work, you can also upload any image you want since there’s no clear indication of whether the clothing brand will be policing the designs, despite the long list of dont’s under the terms and conditions.

However, anyone uploading images to Uniqlo should know that “any and all IP Rights related to the Website and the Services are expressly reserved by the Company or the Company’s licensor. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting to the User a license of the IP Rights owned by the Company or the Company’s licensor,” and that “the copyright of the Posted Data belongs to the User.” This is standard for most apps, and of course it’s only a matter of time before a user uploads a Disney character onto the tees for printing.

Uniqlo is not the first clothing company to create an app to target smartphone users – Threadless introduced a similar app last month promoting $22 USD tees.