James Franco Is Hosting A Special To Promote The Interview As Dave Skylark

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Here’s something you hear every day: James Franco has got a new movie coming out! To promote that movie, The Interview, he’s going to host a half-hour special on MTV completely in character.

Dave Skylark asks hard-hitting questions to celebs like Nicki Minaj: “You wrote the song ‘Superb Ass.'”

“It’s ‘Super Bass,'” Minaj corrects.

Haha! James Franco.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a performer stay in character for promotional purposes. Sacha Baron Cohen has done it for Borat, Bruno and The Dictator. And Will Ferrell has done it for Ron Burgundy when he was promoting Anchorman 2. And each time it’s done well, it’s genius.

The Interview stars Franco as Dave Skylark, the host of a celebrity tabloid TV show. Seth Rogen plays his producer Aaron Rapoport. In the movie, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a fan of their show, so they’re recruited by the CIA to get an interview and assassinate him.

The movie has already gotten a bit of publicity because the Kim Jong Un made a special request with President Obama to halt the film’s release. Word is that Sony is scrubbing some military hardware from the film to try and keep things calm and may even delete a scene of the leader’s face melting. Noooo! If that scene is deleted, the dictators have won.

This MTV special, called Dave Skylark’s Very Special VMA Special will promote the movie in a way that will tap the audience that would most appreciate face melting shenanigans. It airs this Sunday at 9pm.