Jack Dorsey To Twitter Developers: “We want to hear from you”

Jack Dorsey is asking Twitter developers for their “candid feedback” on the tools and materials they need to help with their products. He reached out on the Twitter developers’ blog, in order to take stock of what’s happening in the developer community before the deep integration of Twitter into iOS 5.

Twitter has had a long, and often conflicted, relationship with its developers. It has temporarily shut down a number of popular third-party apps for various reasons, it canceled the second annual Chirp Developer conference, and some speculate that it purchased popular Twitter dashboard TweetDeck in order to prevent UberMedia – a company which has been buying up Twitter apps at a fast pace – from acquiring it.

However, it looks like Twitter has lately been trying to turn over a new leaf. The company launched a new developer website in July, and Dorsey’s message today is a good sign for anyone developing for their platform.

Dorsey wants to know “what additional materials you need from us to help you build products, boost distribution and expand your reach,” and has opened a thread in the developers’ forum for the feedback.

He also talks about how excited he is for the Apple iOS 5 Twitter integration, which will ensure that Twitter is baked into future iPhones and iPads. He explains that as third-party developers,

“…you can add Twitter to your application to personalize the experience for your users, giving them easier and better ways to login, enrich their experience, share thoughts and content and help boost your distribution.”

Is this a genuinely new attitude that Twitter is taking towards their developers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!