iTunes 9 Integrates (Sort of) with Facebook, Twitter

AppleiTunes9.jpgThe good news: Apple’s iTunes 9 finally integrated with Facebook and Twitter. The bad news: Users still can’t listen to music over Facebook as they can with MySpace, nor can they perform tasks such as importing iTunes play lists.

TechCrunch tried out the new sharing feature and found it “quite basic at this point,” saying that for Facebook, users will only see the album cover of a shared song, having to launch iTunes if they want to listen. For Twitter, shared items include song titles, artists, #iTunes hashtags and links to the iTunes store.

Inside Facebook was also disappointed with the inability to play music directly via Facebook, saying:

There have been so many wonderful ideas over the years for sharing music on Facebook, it’s generally disappointing to see what actually gets launched. Basically, due to music-licensing issues, there is still no good way to create and share play lists of full songs—the sorts of things you can do on sites like MySpace and imeem.

The upside is that some fraction of the tens of millions of people who use iTunes will probably use this feature, leading to a little more music-information sharing. Previous rumors suggested that more advanced features might be coming to Facebook via iTunes, such as a way to share iTunes play lists into Facebook. Maybe we’ll see that in the future?