It’s Time To Shake Up Your Twitter Habits

We’ve talked before on AllTwitter about why you need a steady tweet schedule to really see success on Twitter. But now we’re going to throw that advice out the window and tell you to completely change your routine, add some variety, and shake things up.

Twitter shouldn’t be an automated task that you do at 10, 2 and 5 mechanically every day. It isn’t a chore, nor is it even something you have to do.

However, if you feel that you’re a bit over (or under) whelmed with Twitter, I’d suggest changing up your tweeting habits before crossing the network off your lists for good.

If you do have a tweet schedule in place, don’t get rid of it completely. Just add to it, change it, grow it. Here’s what I mean:

Our AllTwitter Twitter account (@alltwtr) sends out about 10 to 15 tweets per day, mostly about the articles we write here on and sharing other links to Twitter news and tips around the web. And it works for us: our followers want to hear about the latest Twitter news, and that’s exactly what we give them.

However that doesn’t mean we can’t add something new into the mix every now and then. Today, for instance, I’ll be sending out some questions to our followers to really engage them and hear about how they’re using Twitter. We also like to @reply to followers who comment on our articles, and share tips from time to time.

We mix it up. And you should too.

A tweet schedule is a great way to get started using Twitter. It gives you those good habits so you can become active without having to spend all day tweeting. But it isn’t without its flaws… after all, nothing’s perfect.

Sending out a link at 10, a comment at 11 and a question at 12 every day will quickly become stale – both for you and your followers.

Take a look at your timeline for the past few days. Are you seeing a pattern? If so, it might be time to shake up your Twitter habits and break out of repetition and stagnated tweets.

If you need a little inspiration for some spicy new ways to use Twitter, we’ve got 25 interesting things you can tweet (beside blog posts and retweets), and 25 creative writing prompts made just for Twitter to get you started.

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