It’s Scandal Premiere Night! And Some Fans Got A Goodie Bag to Get Ready

Twitter is ready for the premiere of 'Scandal.'

roland martin scandalOf course you know what today is! It’s Scandal premiere day and thank goodness for it because I don’t know how much longer we could’ve gone without a dose of Liv, Fitz and the rest of the Gladiators!

Twitter timelines around the country have been lit up all day with anticipation as people just went through the motions in order to get home to their wine and jam. As if you needed it, this is proof positive of the huge impact that Twitter has had on the success of this blockbuster show.

That fact wasn’t lost on the Scandal folks who spent the day filling their timeline with every manner of reminder for tonight’s program, from Vine videos (we’ve got one after the jump) to pictures to links and retweets.

It also helps that ABC has got support from some notable names. TV One host Roland Martin is an unabashed fan. Because he’s so loyal and a noted media figure, he got a pretty cool swag bag to get the Scandal party started.

“Got my @scandalabc care package in the mail. Iphone5 cover, Olivia & Fitz jam, 2 wine glasses. #copewithoutpope,” reads the tweet that the journalist posted with the photo above.

CNN/ABC News correspondent Donna Brazile is also a huge fan, and not only did she tweet about her Scandal gift, she said, point blank, that everyone ought to tune in. You can’t really get a better endorsement. Unless it’s one that comes from the star of another show. Gabrielle Union, the Mary Jane of Being Mary Jane on BET, is also excited about the premiere. (And, yes, she also got a swag bag.)

There’s no doubt that people love the show. The writing is great, the plot winds more than a mountain road, the actors are beautiful, they keep the heat turned up… and yes, I’m a fan. But if you check Twitter in the next 45 minutes, you’re also going to see all of castmembers and crew cohesively tweeting with one another and the fans throughout the show, rewarding their excitement with some excitement of their own.