It takes 54,000 downloads to reach the top 10 of the free iPhone app charts

Want to hit the top 10 on the free iPhone app charts? You’ll need to rack up more than 54,000 downloads a day to do it, reports app tracking service App Annie.

According to figures released today in App Annie’s August index, it currently takes more than 13,000 downloads a day to break into the top 100 on the free iPhone app charts, and 54,000 to reach the top 10.

The numbers are right in line with earlier figures from Distimo, which reported it took more than 38,400 downloads a day to rank within the top 25 of the U.S.’ free iPhone app charts back in May.

Our readers may remember that last December Distimo reported it took over 80,000 downloads to crack the top 10 of the free app charts in the U.S. — a significantly higher figure that was being driven up by download bots. Once Apple banned the practice, the number of downloads required to chart app declined noticeably, falling by almost 15 percent between December and May.

While today’s figures indicate iOS downloads are climbing back to same level they were at a year ago, it’s unlikely download volumes will reach the same peaks seen in December 2011, when users and bots were downloading the top 200 free iPhone apps more than 6.04 million times a day.

That said however, with the combination of the iPhone 5 launch, the heavily rumored upcoming iPad mini launch and the Christmas holidays it seems all but assured the number of downloads required to have an app in the top 10 of the free iPhone app charts will increase significantly by the end of the year. App marketers should plan accordingly.