Is Your eReader Spying on You?


Wireless technology is awesome, but a big downside is our wireless devices are constantly sending information back to the mother ship, reporting on our digital activities. This is the supposition underlying a new report from the consumer advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation’s, called “An eBook Buyer’s Guide to Privacy.”

The EFF has combed through the terms and conditions for the major eReader brands–Kindle, Nook, Sony–and Google Books to figure out what information about users each device or company is recording and sending back. The results are disturbing, if not surprising.

Google, for instance, logs all searches and associates them with the user’s IP address. Kindle is allowed to wirelessly collect info on users. The Sony Reader, however, does not collect information, though EFF didn’t report on the wireless Daily Edition, which wasn’t available.

EFF compiled the chart above, though click through to their site to read it.