Is Web 3.0 Already Here?

Live Video LogoEarlier today I saw a press release for the new video site that MySpace co-founder, Brad Greenspan, had launched. The site is and the title of the press release describes it as “a new proprietary web 3.0 community platform designed to protect, grow, extend, and celebrate original online content creation by empowering users with new technology to create instant online live shows that are integrated with real time interactivity.”

First of all the title of their press release has to be the most ridiculous title I’ve seen in a while. The second thing that I found to be interesting is that is called a “Web 3.0” site. What is Web 3.0 and when did we leave Web 2.0? Also, as Web 3.0 emerges can we vow never to use the term “Web 3.0.” As far as I know people have been calling it the semantic web but there is still debate going on about what the future of the web is. Then again it’s a never-ending debate.

The benefit of this new site is that it integrates live streaming just like or one of a countless list of competitors. I’m not sure that this is really a revolutionary product and it appears that Kristen Nicole agrees. As I said yesterday though, having a big name involved with your product is definitely one way to get some attention.