Is Twitter Going to Start Using Summify?

We told you about Twitter’s acquisition of Summify, a social media summary tool, in January. And we also shared the unfortunate news that as part of the acquisition, the Summify service would likely be shutting down and would certainly be closed to new users (if you don’t have an account, try to log in and see for yourself!). But . . . is Twitter testing out offering the service?

As we mentioned in our earlier post, the Summify service was a natural fit for Twitter. Summify filtered through all of the news shared on your social networks, and sent you a daily email digest of the most important content shared among your connections. And many users expressed dismay when Twitter acquired it.

But today one Summify user, Josh Davis of LLSocial received the following summary email from Twitter, which lead him to speculate that Twitter is finally using the Summify Software. As Josh notes, “the image below shows a new email summary from Twitter (on the left) that looks so close to a Summify email (on the right)” and could indicate that Twitter is using the Summify technology (click the image to see the larger image):



And the new Twitter email also appears to go beyond just a summary of popular links shared by those you follow, as it also includes five tweets that were popular in the last day (but without links).

As of this writing, there do not appear to be any new notification offerings available via Twitter account settings, but we’ll be watching (and hoping!) for them.

Would you like to see this service offered in the future? Are you using anything similar to summarize daily Twitter happenings now? Tell us about it!

(Summary image from Shutterstock)

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