Is This The Worst Celebrity Product Pitch Ever?

Sometimes we almost have to feel bad for celebrity and entertainment publicists who are tasked with popularizing a product, restaurant, club or some other client by employing the standard, “X Celebrity Was Spotted Using It/Eating It/Attending It” pitch.
While it may be the holy grail for a small company to have a popular celebrity “endorse” its product, more often than not, these associations are forced, and often with amusing results. For example, see a pitch that hit our in-box today.

From: []
Sent: Monday, July 12, 2010 12:01 PM
To: xxxx
Subject: Professional NBA basketball player LeBron James is all about the colors of the MIAMI HEAT
We wanted to share a picture of professional basketball player enjoying his Glam Rock watch featuring the colors of his new team- THE MIAMI HEAT!
Glam Rock is a Miami based, waterfront-lifestyle-inspired watch brand that has become a celebrities’ favorite for its interchangeable bezel covers and straps in different materials and colors.
Professional NBA basketball player LeBron James enjoys the colors of the MIAMI HEAT with Glam Rock watches
Lebron James surprised everyone with the news that he was headed to the Miami Heat. Since the NBA season ended, fans and reporters have eyed Lebron James’ every move for possible hints about his plan, but Miami based watch brand Glam Rock must have had a premonition about this new engagement when, in early spring, they gifted Lebron James a black chronograph from the Racetrack collection featuring the colors of the Miami Heat.
The long awaited answer came on Thursday night through James’ brand new twitter account (@KingJames) leaving the Cavaliers fans heartbroken at the news that he was headed to the Miami Heat. Lebron tweeted again yesterday from his team town:
“What’s up yall. Just landed in my new home. Thanks to all the fans and Miami organization who greeted me. The Road to History starts now!”

We could go on for a while on why this pitch is pretty agonizing to get through — Did they really have to add a description for Lebron James, especially, “Professional NBA basketball player? — but you probably get the point by now.
What was the best part about the pitch? This photo-opp of LeBron and his watch: