Is Bill Cosby’s Counter Lawsuit an Attempt to Gain Good PR?

There was a time when Cosby could do no wrong. Today, few people can recall him doing anything right.

Depending on whom you ask, Bill Cosby, 78, is either the father of American television and a pioneer of comedy, or a disgusting (and alleged) rapist who has been accused of slipping roofies to more than 50 women since 1969.

There was a time when Cosby could do no wrong. Today, few people can recall him doing anything right. That’s the tale of someone swimming in their own pool of public relations despair.

For the Cos, these are relatively new waters for him.

Before the accusations came hurling in his direction, he could take on an entire race of people and still come out unbruised. Now that he is a vilified man, he’s grasping at straws to regain his reputation.

Some believe that’s why Cosby is countersuing seven — that’s out of a group of more than 50 who have accused him of sexual misconduct (or much worse) — women alleging they have “defamed” him.

In an 89-page filing in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts, Cosby boldly claims accusers Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz, Louisa Moritz, Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis and Angela Leslie fabricated their accounts of assault and should pay him compensatory and punitive damages.

“As a result of their false, opportunistic and malicious accusations, Mr. Cosby’s reputation has been irretrievably damaged, and his planned reemergence to network television destroyed as they intended,” the lawsuit obtained by the [New York] Daily News states.

Speaking of needing some PR, here’s Cosby’s attorney — Monique Pressley, Esq.

Whatever her client has advised about these seven women “knowingly filing false claims” about him in her statement, Cosby’s public relations team should have asked, “Doesn’t this place a unnecessary spotlight on the remaining 43(ish) who he is not suing?”

He has already admitted to drugging women that were the ire of his creepy affection. But should we pour a little liquor on the curb because his reputation was defamed? The masses think not.

Fact: Cosby has never been officially charged of these crimes.

Fact: Cosby continues to cry foul about these allegations.

However, the court of public opinion is in the spotlight, along with the other women he is not suing. His lawyer tweeted about one. His PR team should get Cosby to tweet about the other.


[FEATURED PHOTO: Mark Lennihan, AP]