IronRank App Promises to Make Your NFL Predictions More Accurate

IronRank is releasing a free Android app that can help you predict NFL game results with more accuracy than most sports pundits. Granted, sportscasters are pretty much the worst at predicting winners.

Personally, it might break my heart to see any app tell me my team will lose, but being an underdog and winning feels better than losing a game your team should have won. In general, apps are a lot better at statistics than football fans – or most any other humans since they lack emotional bonds to teams while having access to a vast supply of computing energy.

Ironrank uses the same Elo rating system, the same statistical analysis used for other sports like tennis and soccer. For the app, IronRank gives a score to each team based on the team’s current performance. This calculated number is then used to determine which team has the best chance of winning in a game:

IronRank’s base score is 1500, points are transferred between teams depending on the outcome of the game. To make our predictions more accurate we track points scored and points allowed, tracking both offensive and defensive output, we then add them together and subtract 1500 to get the overall IronRank score.

Here’s a list of all the things the app provides:

  • Predicts the outcome of any NFL game, and simulates how each team will perform
  • Rank each team based on their division, as well as offensive and defensive capabilities
  • A ton of stats including, passing, rushing, red zone, fumbles, interceptions and sacks
  • Summarizes past game results, and highlights team performance over time
  • Full schedule of upcoming games


It’s a bevy of stats for fans who are especially fond of data. All you have to do is sit back with your phone while your  favorite team wins (hopefully). Apple iPhone users will have to access the website for the same stats and analysis until an iOS app is released.