IQZone Classifieds Harness Craigslist

IQZone.jpgIQZone, the mobile classifieds company, now works with popular classified search engines such as craigslist,, and Google Base. We first covered IQZone a few months ago; these latest moves make the service infinitely more useful, and mean that users know that people who don’t necessarily know the IQZone name will be able to see ads posted with the service on common desktop sites. At the moment, the company isn’t pushing ads in order to build their subscriber base.

In a recent interview, I spoke with IQZone CEO Michael Bates, who emphasized the site’s as-few-clicks-as-possible approach. He said that the service gives you the ability to take a picture of anything you want to sell, add a minimal amount of text, send it to us, and we syndicate that out to as many classified sites as we can find that relate to that item. “If you’re selling an airplane it could be a handful of sites. If it’s a mass market item it could be hundreds of sites,” Bates said.

If IQZone doesn’t recognize what you are selling, it will SMS you back a couple of multiple choice questions, Bates said. The craigslist tie-in, in particular, makes the mobile service a compelling idea. We tested it with a couple of ad posts and liked what we saw; we’ll keep an eye on the service to see how it progresses.

Consumers Can Create Video Classifieds from Mobile Phones with IQzone [IQZone]