iPhone Version of Slingplayer to Work on 3G

Slingplayer Mobile plays streaming video of television broadcasts on most mobile phones. A hardware appliance called the Slingbox, which is sold in a variety of versions, connects to a television cable or satellite system and transmits channels across the Internet to the Slingplayer Mobile application.

The iPhone Slingplayer Mobile application has only worked on Wi-Fi networks, but that appears to be changing soon with reports that a new version of the application will work on the AT&T 3G network. Up until now the application has been prohibited from working with AT&T’s network due to concerns about bandwidth consumption.

No doubt Slingplayer fans will be happy to hear this news, but I got to wonder whether other iPhone users will be as equally happy. Even though AT&T is working to improve their network, reports of connectivity problems on the AT&T network have not recently decreased. On the other hand, announcements like this coupled with the iPad announcement last week, (the iPad will also use the AT&T network) suggests that AT&T may soon have improvements in place to support current use and future growth.