iPhone App Store Launches With Plethora of Social Apps

Today the iPhone application directory launched and there are a ton of social applications, most of which are completely free. There are obviously the basic social network applications which includes the Facebook and MySpace applications. Both have a robust set of features.

Instant Messaging

As I posted on AllFacebook though, the new Facebook application one-ups the MySpace application by including Facebook chat. If you aren’t into Facebook chat though, there is also an AOL Instant Messenger which lets you chat with any of your friends, manage your buddy list and even send SMS messages directly to your friends.

Location Based Applications

If you want to track where your friends are though you are going to need to use something aside from the new Facebook and MySpace applications. Instead you can use the Loopt application which functions similarly to competing Brightkite but includes a map. If you aren’t into Loopt there is also an application called “Whrrl” which lets your friends share their location, view a history of your friends’ locations, remember places that you want to visit and filter by types of destinations.

Finally there is the “Where” application that helps you find restaurants, gas, concerts and locate your friends. It doesn’t appear to be affiliated with the Where magazine but it definitely has some useful features. I haven’t been able to test out the application yet since I won’t have an iPhone until tomorrow!

Blogging Applications

There are a number of blogging and micro-blogging applications featured in the directory. TypePad has created an extremely useful blogging application which lets you blog directly from your phone as well as embed photos and adjust their size. I could see this being a highly used application. If you are a big Twitter fan, there is also a free ad-supported Twitterific application as well as a premium version without ads.

Pownce has also included an iPhone version of their application. It doesn’t look robust and based on the application description I have no idea what features are included!

Public Social Networking

Want to meet random people at the coffee shop or airport? There are now a number of applications that let you publicly broadcast your profile as well as publicly broadcast messages to people that are in your vicinity. These are digital icebreakers that help you start dialog with other people. There is currently the iFob application and the Shout It application.

There are a number of other applications as well. If you’d like to view it, go download the new version of iTunes and visit apple.com/appstore. Launching the application store a day early will surely help build the buzz for the iPhone launch tomorrow and possibly convert any last minute buyers.

iPhone App Store Screenshot