iPad News Roundup: Tuesday, March 2, 2010

While we’re sitting on our thumbs waiting for Apple to announce pre-ordering for the iPad, so that we can then sit on our thumbs waiting for our iPads to arrive, we must satisfy our endless appetites for iPad info somehow, so here is a bit of iPad news, not exclusively related to books, but it’s something, at least, to chew on.

First, yesterday Digital Daily reported on a rumored bottleneck in Apple’s manufacturing that could result in a much smaller supply of iPads at the March launch, or, worse, a delayed launch! God help us.

The Christian Science Monitor reports on the fancy apps The AP and Conde Nast are working on for the iPad.

Here’s a roundup from Computer World of opinions and analysis of the controversy over the use of child labor among Apple’s suppliers. Ugh.

And finally, here’s the inimitable Mike Cane on the iPad as “transmedia” device. This is a very cool notion he’s got here.

Happy obsessing!