iPad News Roundup: Tuesday, March 16

As we stutter toward iPad’s April 3 launch-date, new little bits of news surface every day. Here are a few non-eBook items that might interest those interested in eBooks nonetheless.

First, as you can see above, Apple has delayed the launch of the iPad Keyboard dock and a couple of other accessories, including the case, according to MacRumors. The dock won’t be available til May, and the case will ship mid-April.

But fear not! You can get this ridiculous plastic bag case instead (via TUAW), or this lovely wooden frame (via Gizmodo).

Finally, after a booming first day, Mashable reported yesterday that iPad pre-orders seem to be slowing, though Apple has likely sold at least 150,000. But, TUAW also reports that if you reserved an iPad for in-store pickup after the first day, yours might not be ready in April 3.