iPad and Me: Calvin Reid of PW

Calvin Reid, senior news editor and comics guru at Publishers Weekly, responded a few weeks ago to eBookNewser’s earlier poll about his hopes for the then-rumored Apple tablet.

Here’s what he said then: “Now I’m not sure that the Tablet will be the be-all device for reading either but certainly a device that offers multiple functions and a high quality UI experience (color, multimedia, web browsing, high res screen) seems closer to what we all think the digital reading experience should be. Or at least what I think it should be. And of course, I’m an Apple groupie like so many others. I’m curious to see if Jobs can come up with a new device that I’ll love as much as the iPod Touch (yes, its awesome) I got for Christmas.”

Now, after having followed Wednesday’s announcement, he’s less impressed than he hoped to be, though the comics world seems to be atwitter. Here’s what he told eBookNewser after the iPad event:

“I’m mildly disappointed in the iPad–I can’t believe it does not offer multitasking–but I remain impressed by the devices potential and obvious utility. I think it will offer the kind of reading and multimedia experineces we speculated about. The comics world is buzzing about it.”