IPad 2: The Postmortem to the Big Reveal

So after all the hype, the fact is I was all-in even if Apple brought out a dancing monkey and told me it was the new iPad.

Okay, let’s review. It’s thinner, faster, comes in white, and, yes, it’s Verizoncapable. Some tech writers dig itSome writers suspect the minor upgrades – which also includes two cameras – are only the beginning. And it’s the same price point! Other writers…you can’t please them.

There are definite pros to the upgrades and the fact that the prices didn’t change is a plus. (The price of the iPad 1.0 version actually dropped.) But as I mentioned earlier, it’s only the beginning. We might, might, might see yet another iPad in time for the holiday season.

Ya gotta give Apple credit: they are rolling out a new iPad nine months after the original and a new iPhone is expected in June. And we might see some dumbed-down versions as well.

Lastly, check out the amount of reporters who blogged about today’s event with play by play coverage. Steve Jobs had your attention today. He’s gonna have it for awhile.

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