Perry Krasnove

Color 101: Where Did It Come From? Do We Want It?

Forget the fact that I just asked whether we want this new photo app called “Color.” We have no choice. It has to work. That’s what $41 million in funding […]

NCAA Tourney Winners So Far Include VCU, Butler, and CBS

I’m no bracketologist (nor do I know how one attains college credits to be one) but if you had VCU and Butler in the Final Four, I’d say you’re pretty […]

Google Mines for Management Excellence

From the sublime to the bizarre and from the bizarre to the ridiculous Google mines it. So it’s all the more interesting when an HR resource called “Project Oxygen” came […]

Strange Brew Blending on ‘Morning Joe’

Wayne’s World has been making the cable rounds recently. At one point in the movie Wayne is forced to interview a major advertiser on his show. Wayne was happy to […]

IPad’s Glamour-ous Glue

For years we have watched TV wanting what Sonny Crockett wore or that jogging suit on Wisteria Lane. We did “The Rachel” and the Brandon Walsh. But what if you […]

Glenn Beck: Has Everyone Dulled to His Edge?

Glenn Beck‘s ascension in the talk radio and TV news stratosphere had a pulpy blend of polarization, right wing Muscle Milk, and a pint of vitriolic I.P.A. The longer Beck stuck […]

IPad 2: The Postmortem to the Big Reveal

So after all the hype, the fact is I was all-in even if Apple brought out a dancing monkey and told me it was the new iPad. Okay, let’s review. […]

IPad Part Deux: Better…Faster…Stronger?

Pardon my excitement, but Apple’s big reveal today (at 1pm ET)with the new and improved iPad will have everyone abuzz. Yes, there were the haters when the iPad 1.0 jumped […]

Google Not Feeling Lucky with Search Change

Google just can’t do much right these days. They took heat for allowing what is basically spam to show up in search terms. JCPenney isn’t always spam since they have […]

Facebook Pokes PR Peeps and Mass Media

Facebook is trying to bridge the gap between reporters and the social network (say that doing your best Jesse Eisenberg imitation…it sounds a lot more important.) FB has posted a job […]