iOScars Celebrate The Best In iPhone 4 Movie Making

The iPhone 4 is closing the gap between professional and amateur video production, providing users with the tools to shoot and edit beautiful HD videos, without having to spend loads of money on equipment. Along with the new video production possibilities offered by the iPhone 4 comes a new website that celebrated excellence in iOS movie making. The iOScars is a new website built to celebrate and showcase HD videos that were shot and edited completely on the iPhone 4.

The inspiration for the iOScars came from a short film called “Apple of My Eye”, which was shot and edited entirely on the iPhone in less than 48 hours. The film really is quite amazing, especially when you consider that it was shot on a mobile phone. Check it out below, along with some behind the scene footage that shows how the iPhone 4 was used to shoot and edit the film.

Video creators are invited to submit their own iPhone 4 movies to the site. In order for your video to be features in the iOScars, a few simple rules apply. The most important rule is that your video must be created entirely using the iPhone 4. Of course, the iOScars have no way of checking up on this, but they say, “We do have special powers that we can evoke if need be. Don’t make us do that.” Additionally, you will have to adhere to YouTube rules as well, including length and file size, copyright and other guidelines, as iOScar clips are submitted via YouTube links.
Don’t be fooled by the name – the iOScars it not a competition, at least not at this time. The creators make this quite clear in their FAQ:

“When you upload your video to the iOScars website everyone wins because you’re sharing something special. Sharing creativity is what we are aiming to foster here. The iOScars is a showcase where we let the public vote on the most popular videos and so if you consider popularity is a prize then you can win big time, for sure. As the project develops we may introduce new features, categories and parameters, and this might include prizes, but for now, the only prize you can take home is the respect of your creative peers.”

I think that the iOScars is a cool concept with or without prizes. It is true that the iPhone 4 is revolutionizing the quality of consumer video and closing the gap between amateur and professional. I will be keeping an eye on the iOScars to see what iPhone 4 owners can do! Do you have an iPhone 4? If so, have you tried out the camera yet? Would you consider sharing your videos on the iOScars?