iOS 4.3 Affecting Battery Life?

A post on The Next Web site alerts readers to a possible problem with version 4.3 of iOS, which Apple just released, causing faster than normal battery drain. Several users have posted about the problem to a thread on the Apple support forum, including one who said the battery dropped 20% after 20 minutes. Another person says his phone used to last two days on a charge and now is lasting barely one day. Suggestions have been posted to the thread to turn off a variety of different services that access the Internet.
I have upgraded both my iPad and iPod Touch to version 4.3 and I haven’t noticed a change in battery life with either device. I am not saying the problem doesn’t exist, just that I haven’t seen it on either of my devices. If you are seeing problems with battery life on your device after upgrading it to iOS 4.3, check out the Apple support forum to see whether any of the recommendations there will fix the problem.