Half Of Consumers Watch On-Demand Internet Television Weekly

According to new statistics released by Ericsson, Internet television is experiencing rapid growth with half of consumers watching internet-based on-demand television online each week and a whopping 70 percent of consumers downloading, streaming or watching recorded broadcast television each week. Ericsson’s ‘Multi Screen Media Consumption 2010’ data also showed the promise of future revenues from Internet TV, as well as a shift in customer spending towards on-demand video services.

The data in Ericsson’s study was collected in the US, the UK, China, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan and represents over 300 million consumers. According to the statistics Ericsson released, linear broadcast television is still king in the world of TV programming, with 93 percent of consumers watching linear broadcasts from their television sets. However, online video and television is continuing to grow.

NewTeeVee released charts from Ericsson’s study that 45 percent of consumers are watching streamed on-demand television programs, 41 percent are watching streamed on-demand content, and 36 percent are watching streamed on-demand movies. Only 19 percent are watching pay per view content.

A lot of the growth of on-demand Internet video can be attributed to the fact that more and more consumers are watching web content on their television screens. The sheer volume of content online also clearly plays a large role in consumers’ switch over to online content. With traditional, linear television viewers can only watch the shows and movies that happen to be playing, at the time they happen to be playing. Even on-demand television only offers a small selection of films and television shows. With the Internet, viewers can find and watch virtually any film or television show, at any time of day or night.

What do you think about the growth of Internet television? Do you watch on-demand content on the web? Would you pay for this service in the future?