Instant Messaging Popular on Cell Phones

The NewsMarket reports that according to the second annual AP-AOL Instant Messaging Trends Survey, many IM users are spending time instant messaging from their cell phones.

“The survey, which examined instant messaging trends and usage habits among 1,246 IM users, revealed that 25 percent of respondents send IMs from their cell phones, including one in three (32 percent) teens.”

That’s a pretty large number, given that most phones still don’t have IM clients built into them. That’s beginning to change, however. A new wave of low-end, dual-keyboard phones are coming out in the vein of the T-Mobile Sidekick, such as the $49 Sprint LG Rumor (with two-year contract) and the $99 Kyocera Wild Card on Virgin Mobile. (This author reviewed both for PC Magazine recently, although the reviews aren’t up as of today.)

Survey: Mobile Instant Messaging Is Growing Trend [The NewsMarket]