Facebook Found Another Way to Keep Mobile Users From Leaving

Users can go straight to their Instagram accounts without exiting Facebook

Clicking on Instagram brings users directly to their accounts

Facebook doesn’t want you to leave Facebook, even if the applications you’re leaving Facebook for are owned by Facebook.

The social network confirmed that users who also have Instagram accounts will now be able to navigate to those accounts directly via its main navigation menu, without having to exit the Facebook app to launch the Instagram app.

A Facebook spokesperson said of the menu tweak, “We’re looking at ways to help people stay in touch with their friends on Facebook and Instagram. People on Facebook will be able to see how many of their friends are on Instagram.”

And Mix of The Next Web shared the screenshot below, from Arvind Iyer, of what appears to be a test of a similar menu addition for Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp.

The Instagram screenshot above is from Facebook’s iOS app, while the WhatsApp screenshot below is from its Android app.

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