Instagram Offers Advice to Businesses in Handbook for Brands

Making photos feel approachable, social, and authentic can be difficult for brands on Instagram. Take this image from Michael Kor’s – that’s how not to do it. The trick is to not actually look too good, or too perfect, or too expensive. To help businesses find a comfortable niche, Instagram is offering advice in the form of Handbook for Brands.


Offered as a series of blog posts, videos, and a book that is “not broadly available,” it’s a good place for social marketers to start, especially if they are not familiar with the Instagram landscape. Here are a few of their tips:

Be true to your brand: Ensure that your imagery expresses a clearly defined personality and voice. Photos from eyeglass retailer @warbyparker, featured in the handbook, never feel overly staged or serious, but instead draw from trends in the Instagram community to reflect the company’s quirky creativity.

Share experiences: Offer a view into the world or lifestyle that your brand makes possible through the eyes of the people who use your products and services. The customer images and videos shared by @gopro prompt viewers to wonder what moments they could capture with a GoPro.