Instagram Debuts Auto-play Video Ads

Instagram is rolling out its first auto-play video ads with Disney, Banana Republic and Lancome.



On the heels of Tumblr’s new video ads, Instagram is debuting auto-play spots, reports Adweek. Instagram’s first video advertisers include Disney, Lancome and Banana Republic.

Mobile is becoming increasingly important to advertisers, but social networks must take care not to alienate users. While Facebook’s video ads are becoming more popular among marketers, they have also caused headaches for users. From Adweek:

It can be a delicate dance, introducing potentially intrusive ads to an app that had been commercial free. Some early Instagram advertisers that tried out the sponsored images heard negative comments from users who didn’t enjoy the salesy activity in their feeds. Still, Instagram is sharing feedback that digs deeper than comment sentiment and looks at brand awareness and ad recall, which the company claims has been positive on all fronts. And the video advertisers going live this morning shared the opinion that it was best to be first, bolstering their brands’ reputations as innovators.

The ads are 15 seconds long and feature sound, except for the one by Banana Republic, which uses Instagram’s Hyperlapse app. Check it out:

Head over to Adweek to see the rest of the new ads.