InnoGames Announces City-Building MMO Elvenar for Browser

ElvenarOnline game developer InnoGames has announced the development of Elvenar, its strategy city-building MMO for browser. Elvenar takes players to a fantasy-themed world, where they’ll choose to create a city for the Elves or the Humans, with this choice having a major impact on the way the game plays out. In the game, users build and upgrade their city, but can also interact with other players and compete in turn-based battles on a 3D battlefield.

After players choose to back the Elves or the Humans, they’ll notice their city will evolve in one of two distinct ways. That is, the Elves’ villages (pictured below) are focused on magic and existing in harmony with nature, while Humans are interested in forward progress and technology.

“You will see some of the elvish buildings really come alive with lots of fantastical beings, like ents and golems co-existing peacefully in their cities,” said Ulrike Kunkel, producer of Elvenar, in a statement. “The Humans on the other hand are a more technologically determined society. They focus on engineering to prevail. Our goal was to create differences in visuals and play style that make players want to try out both races at some point.”ElvenarIn Elvenar, players will succeed by balancing the use of their resources, leveling up their buildings and unlocking perks. The multiplayer map will allow users to interact with their neighbors, investigate new provinces and unlock powerful relics by fighting computer-controlled characters.

During battle, players are taken to 3D battlegrounds with up to 20 different monsters and unit types, which InnoGames says make “each encounter unique and tactically deep.”

InnoGames has 130 million registered players across its games, which include Tribal Wars, Forge of Empires and Grepolis. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Elvenar’s closed beta is expected to start in January 2015. Interested players can pre-register for the game here. While the game will begin as a browser-based experience, mobile versions of the title are also planned for future release.