Managing Facebook Friends

Are you one of those Facebook users who has added many friends and wants to be able to keep track of them in some way that actually makes sense? Yeah, me too. So, I did some research on the many friends apps out there and realised most of them did not actually do what I needed them to do.. but one did! (Thanks also to the reader who mentioned Inner circle the other day)

Inner Circle allows you to categorise your friends privately and view an RSS feed of each category of friends. Your friends don’t need to add anything, and because they can’t see which group they are in you are spared the drama that goes with sharing your list of top friends, casual buddies etc with the world. It’s for your info only. It’s a far cry from public categorisers like Top Friends, Circles of Friends, Cliques etc.

Plus, Inner Circle’s RSS feeds from within the app are fantastic! By viewing your feeds this way you will get to see heaps of stuff that was getting lost in the main feed. More info = more fun!

This is definitely the best new app out there for anyone with over 100 friends to manage. It’s also run by a developer that cares about improving the app and values feedback. So, it will only get better.

Go get your social life organised with Inner Circle now!