This Emoji Marketing Startup Just Announced a Partnership With India’s Second-Biggest Operating System

Inmoji and Indus OS sign a multiyear deal

Brands like Starbucks, Target and Netflix have already created dynamic content with Inmoji.

Startup Inmoji creates clickable branded icons (similar to emojis and stickers) that are used in messaging apps. Smartphone users who click through an Inmoji are greeted with everything from location-based services to ecommerce to ride-sharing services that they can instantly share with friends. An Inmoji could link to movie or concert tickets, Spotify songs or coffee coupons.

Today, Inmoji, which was founded in 2014, is announcing a partnership with the second-largest operating system in India, Indus OS. Over 8 million users across more than 80 smartphone models use Indus, and now those phones will come with Inmoji’s self-service portal that is available for brands to create specialized content.

“Already 400 million people who use the Tango messaging app are exposed to our library, plus other messaging platforms,” said Inmoji CEO Michael Africk. “Now, we’ll come baked into phones right away.”

According to Africk, smartphone users can open their phones dozens of times a day without ever opening an Inmoji-enabled platform. He hopes with the Indus partnership, Inmoji will become a natural behavior instead of a learned habit.

Brands like Starbucks, Target and Netflix have already created dynamic content with Inmoji. By using its self-service portal and software-development kit, it will be easier for brands to reach an entire network of native users without worrying about who’s using which apps.

“Working with Inmoji, we will offer our users rich media content that’s intelligent, attractive and personal while enhancing the core experience,” said Rakesh Deshmukh, CEO of Indus OS.

Africk said that as the Indian market continues to expand and people there discover smartphones for the first time, “our tech will be the norm for them.”

Check out the video below to see how brands are using Inmoji: