What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Infused Palermo

Infused Palermo is a way for brands to provide fully functioning stores – with inventory browsing, shopping cart and checkout capabilities – directly onto their Facebook fan pages. It also allows brands to offer affiliates fully functioning stores, rather than just display ads, to break through physiological click-off barriers.
After the jump – what you need to know about Infused Palermo.
The application in a sentence
Infused Palermo is a social commerce platform that allows merchants to sell products directly on Facebook and across the internet.
Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Increased sales: Infused Palermo Facebook stores experience higher conversion rates because fans stay on Facebook through the entire social commerce loop – from browsing, to checkout and purchase, through recommendation and feedback.
  • Leverage social capital: Fans become a more powerful force in brands’ marketing efforts. Those participating in a completed social loop get the satisfaction of knowing that they have made good recommendations and aided informed purchasing for friends. They are motivated to continually engage in the social loop by recommending and discussing good products and experiences.
  • Measurable return on investment: Infused Palermo’s analytics model allows brands to track sales on their Facebook fan pages, giving quantitative data on how their fan pages are performing.

Coolest feature
On site checkout: Shoppers complete their purchases from within Facebook, without being redirected or prompted to grant permissions to either Facebook or other third party applications.
Feature rundown

  • Secure Checkout: Infused Palermo uses VeriSign SSL for secure transactions, employing up to 256 bit encryption. Stores operate and communicate within their own container, so they remain secure regardless of Facebook’s security. In addition, each store includes the VeriSign lock, accompanied by the Infused Palermo name to help shoppers feel safe that their sensitive data is being well protected.
  • Systems Integration: Infused Palermo is designed to be a social commerce extension of a merchant’s existing e-commerce infrastructure. It takes advantage of many common practices in e-commerce, making integration with payment processing systems, product sourcing systems and fulfillment systems reasonable and quick. In most cases, orders from Infused Palermo stores are integrated to be processed just like orders from a merchant’s main site.
  • Distributed Commerce: Merchants can used Infused Palermo as a distributed commerce solution by providing affiliates with Infused Palermo stores as a replacement for standard banner ads. A merchant’s Infused Palermo store can be embedded into any fan page and across the internet.

User profile
Anyone who is selling online and wants to leverage their social networks to start bringing products to the consumer, rather than making consumers come to them.

Customers pay a monthly fee plus a metered commission on transactions processed through the store. Customization fees may also be applied to meet unique customer requirements.
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